i don’t respect anyone’s opinion but my own,

you don’t either. if you disagree, you disagree for a reason.

there’s between minding your own business and keeping your mouth shut, and respecting and accepting another person’s opinions

of course I don’t respect differing opinions, I think they’re wrong. if I think they’re wrong, I don’t respect them. that’s about it.

how many characters should I have in the main team..

i don’t wanna have too many but I have so many ideas @~@


Lights In Chicago, Digital Photography (2013)

Satoki Nagata is an incredibly talented artist from Japan, that’s based in Chicago since ‘92. Satoki does an amazing job with these black and white images, lighting the figures behind with a flash using a slow shutter speed, giving the double exposure effect. He says here “My goal as an artist is to find and show the various connections that form the reality in which the city and its people exist.” Be sure to check out more of his amazing work at his site, trust me, his site is amazing.

i’m laughing really hard for some reason

Fangirl Challenge ♚ ten male characters

↳ Nathan Young

ok but why is he called data


data……..it doesn’t make sense


“I can’t stand when productions play everything up to be as “funny” as possible. This is always the most apparent in Audrey’s death.” - Confessed by anonymous

i feel you op

agoddamn said: yesssssss come into the trekkie fold

the only problem is I’m /extremely/ slow and can never really tell what’s going on

like I have to watch something 20 times before I get it and I rarely want to do that so I usually don’t get it at all,

and tng is really quick it’s hard for me to follow?? really entertaining and I’m enjoying it thoroughly I just am lost a lot of the time :,D

all the start trek tng characters are so cute